About Us

Like any good revolution, Calgary’s street food revolution of 2011 came out of the injustice that existed between the haves and the have-nots. The haves being those in cities with vibrant food truck cultures like Los Angeles, Portland and Vancouver. The have-nots: YOU.

To this we said, “Let’s rally the troops” and bring Calgarians a
food d’état. And while lining up at the Perogy Boyz may not
find you political awareness, it will fill your belly with traditional
Eastern European-inspired street food like perogies, sausages and
borcht, along with a few not-so-traditional twists.
(*photo on right by Chris Davis)

Perogy Boyz have Values:

  1. We celebrate great food
  2. We’re big fans of the planet 
  3. YYC is a great place for us to call home; we’d like to be a part of making it great for you too
  4. You can dis us but don’t make fun of our babas.